As requested to make a pastel tutorial from an anon: here’s a tutorial of how I made one of my gifs from my Jordan pastel gifset

Note: I use Photoshop CS5 Extended. May or May not work on all Creature videos. (Read more below).

(If you want more tutorials from me, feel free to ask me anytime!)

i’m going to show you how to get this:


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a vid dedicated to acookiekindacats wonderful buns

the creaturegroup members were linking old, nostalgic songs in our chat to brighten the past day a bit. one of them happened to be a jonas brothers song, made me laugh and remember some old times. through that song, i came across this one again and thought it was funny and super cute. so here’s a quick lil thing of happy videos we’ve gotten this year! to show appreciation for the guys and hopefully lighten their (and your!) day… :~)

5sos announced a con dedicated 2 themselves called derpcon im luAGHIN


public bathroom….hacked
electric toothbrush….hacked

« But I thought recording an officer was a right to a citizen of the US? » — theoceandeliveredme


I literally just asked a CO cop if it was legal for people to post videos/gifs of him being arrested, which it is not. I don’t know the reasoning why, that’s just what I was told.

EDIT: because Jordan didn’t give permission for videos/gifs to be posted, that is why they are illegal.